Monday, December 24, 2012

2012: Not The End, Only the Beginning

They said 2012 would be the end... Instead it's only been the beginning...

2012 has been a year that God has called me out to do quite a few new things. One of those exciting things was to begin a new blog for pastor's wives. I didn't know what to expect when I ventured out, but God has blessed me with a wonderful group of writer-sisters who all happen to be ministry wives too AND who happen to be very good writers.

Ladies -- Monique, Christy, Shannon, Cynthia, Dorena, LisaAbbySonia and Levitica -- I couldn't have done this without you!

This has been a fun and exciting year. We've discussed our PK's, the holidays, marriage in ministry, faith and shhhhh... SEX! (Thanks for that Miss Christy!!)

It's been fun, and I've enjoyed every single month.

However, I'm feeling led to take a rest from A Pastor's Wife Garden for now to hear God's voice a little clearer. We'll continue our Facebook connection, but we'll take a break from the blog while we wait for His direction.

In the meantime, enjoy some oldies, but goodies in our archives that you may have missed.

And pray for and with us as we seek God for His direction for this blog. We want to follow His leading for this ministry.

We are grateful for the season of this blog. We are grateful for our Facebook group. We are grateful for a safe place where beautiful women of God have met together, shared their hearts and loved our Father together.

And we are grateful for YOU!

May God bless you amazingly during this Christmas season. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us in the New Year.

Enjoy many new beginnings in 2013. And remember, in Christ there are no endings -- only beginnings.

Love and Blessings,


Carla Adair Hendricks is a pastor's wife (since 2001), a Mama to four beautiful, rambunctious children, an adoption/foster care advocate, a writer, a lover of current events and public policy and a lover and follower of Jesus Christ. (Definitely not in that order!) She currently resides in Conway, Arkansas, but also calls Baltimore, Maryland and Franklin, Tennessee home. She founded "A Pastor's Wife's Garden" to encourage and uplift ministry wives around the globe, but has been pleasantly surprised over the blessing this blog has been to women from all walks of life. Visit her personal blog, "Deep Waters" here, follow her on Twitter @carlaahendricks and join Carla and other ministry wives every Monday right here at "A Pastor's Wife's Garden" for weekly encouragement. 

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