About This Garden

In October of 2011, Carla Hendricks began a private Facebook group for pastor's wives of various ethnic groups, hometowns and stages of life. We are African American, Caucasian and Hispanic (so far). We reside in California, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas and several other states. We are different in many ways, but alike in one way: we all love Jesus Christ and His Church.

This group has been a blessing to its members by providing a forum for encouragement, sharing and prayers for one another. As pastor's wives we give so much of ourselves, asking for little in return. We need a safe place to share our hopes, dreams and discouragements.

In three short months we have experienced the news of a new pregnancy, the grief of losing a parent and a relocation and new ministry opportunity. We don't know what's in store for 2012, but we know one thing: change is inevitable, but God is constant.

Now A Pastor's Wife's Garden is forging together to take on a new challenge, the start of this new blog for ministry wives. The purpose of this blog is to encourage and minister to women whose husbands serve in church or parachurch ministry. We hope to provide a safe place for women to read about our struggles and our triumphs. We hope to build up one another here. We hope to offer a dip in the cool waters of God's grace and love.

Join us here every Monday, a day when we and our husbands often feel depleted and weary. And if you'd like to share your heart here too, let us know @ apastorswifesgarden.blogspot.com. The Garden is for us all.

This walk through ministry is not an easy one, but it is a rewarding one. Walk together with us through A Pastor's Wife's Garden. May your heart find rest and refreshment here.


Carla Adair Hendricks and Monique Zackery

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