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Sonia on her mission's trip in Haiti
by Sonia A. Adams
"See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland." Isaiah 43:19
God is doing a new thing. That new thing will be birth out of a consecrated, consistent, extensive prayer where we enter into God’s presence to seek His face and hear His will. Gone are the days where ministries, visions, and ideas will be erected based upon man-made ideas, fleshly ingenuity, popularity, and idolatry of man. The new visions will be established and founded in God and God alone when we choose to stay in prayer, which will cause Him to manifest our dreams in His time and in His way. 
We will see new things spring forth in 2012.
The number 12 means establishment, government, and setting a secure foundation -- the number for order and perfection (maturity). Ephesians 2:20 states: having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief corner stone.” 
God's children will tap into the Holy Spirit, and creative, innovative ideas will spring forth like a reservoir in a desert. Rivers that will bring water. It will bubble forth like cisterns in the middle of dryness. God will give us impossible, incredible ideas, and He will make the impossible possible. By faith, we must put these new ideas into action. 
God will do new things in us.
For these new visions and ideas to come to life, two common denominators must intersect -- God's appointed time and our daily obedience. When we pray consistently, seek His face, and obey, at the appointed time God will bring it to past; but prayer, obedience and contentment are vital. In addition, we must die to the flesh and be willing to come out of our comfort zone to fulfill the deeper visions and callings that God has given us.

God wants to do new things through us.

I just recently returned from Haiti and this was definitely a sacrificial and life changing trip, and it ignited a desire and passion in me for the people of Haiti. Also, it gave me a new and different cause or mission which ignited a fire in me. I was a bit fearful at first, but my fear turned into courage because I stepped out of the boat and walked on water and Jesus led me all the way as I focused on Him.

God did a new thing in me in 2012!

As women in ministry, first ladies, wives, and mothers, whatever vision, dream, challenge, or new thing that God has put before you, I encourage you to remember:

1. It will be birthed in prayer, so seek His face daily with quality and quantity.
2. The new thing will be birthed as revealed by the Holy Spirit.
3. Two common denominators are necessary: our daily obedience and His appointed time.
4. Step out of the boat onto water and keep your eyes on Jesus as you endeavor to walk and journey in this new thing.

* Sonia is a professor at Beulah Heights University in Atlanta, co-pastor of KT Christian Assembly, and founder of Blossoming Vines Ministries. She has authored two books, Searching to Fill the Void and Only A Little Distance To Ephrathah and is a 1997 honor graduate of Oral Roberts University. Sonia is married to Pastor Shawn Adams, and they have two sons. Visit her websites at and

Read more about Sonia's mission's trip to Haiti @

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